Monday, January 11, 2016

Want Relief? Relax

It was my intent to post every single day as a new year resolution but wouldn't you know it, the first weekend out, and boom! I fall off the wagon of my goal to post every day. It is very rare that I have such a busy weekend. We had a family birthday, church, family football game watch and Sunday dinner. It was a great weekend and I feel completely rejuvenated, although I have to admit that I felt guilty about the lack of posting.

When I went into the weekend, I had many things on my mind. Some of them were problems, some of them were wants, and some of them were real issues that needed answers. I have a lot of questions about the direction of my life, my health, and I do a great deal of soul-searching. I am always looking for a clue to the answer. I want answers to hurry up and get here!

As I sat in church service with my family and we sang songs to God, I was overcome with answers pouring out. The pastor and his wife also provided the message. I don't know what everyone else heard, but I heard that I need to follow my calling, wherever that may lead and no matter who is for or against me.

I also heard something else important. Many of you know that I will be revealing my Word for 2016.  You see, for the past two years I have been working on congruency. This year I have a new mantra, but I felt like God added to that mantra. He added:  Relax. (The rest  of my mantra is to be revealed at the first Real Gurl Life meeting on January 19th. Visit for details.)


As I rolled that word around in my mouth, seeing how it tasted, I could see myself from an outside perspective and understood immediately what it all meant.

You see, I am someone who sees the big picture pretty quickly. I can usually make good, solid, decisions in a moment of necessity because of seeing the big picture. I rush to answers before anyone else takes a breath. I have it all laid out and decided without any other input and while the group may eventually arrive at the same decision, I have generally alienated the group by my hasty arrival at the end result without due process or hearing one opinion.


Let it roll. Don't be the first to respond. Play it cool. Fly casual. Be thoughtful about when and how to answer.

You know, as I rolled the word around some more, it was not only Relax, it felt like Relief. What? I don't have to bear the burden of figuring it all out? That sounds good! I can let go and have some relief! A spiritual need for change: Relax.


Before the weekend even started, I received an email from a women's convention asking me to consider being the speaker for the two-day retreat this year. What? This is something I have only dreamed of doing. Speaking? I thought it would be a very long while before this would come my way. I am honored by the request and excited by this move forward in my life. A personal dream answered.

On Monday, today, following the weekend, I received a call about a health issue. The doctor called to say my surgery was approved! It was up in the air and I was hoping it would be approved. The doctor had already requested approval last year and it was denied. The doctor put through the paperwork again with my new insurance for 2016 and it was approved in a matter of days! A health issue: approved.

So in one weekend, God provided, in His own way, in His own timing, answers to:

a spiritual need for change; Relax
a personal dream; Speak
a health issue; Approved

No kidding, it felt like by letting go, not being in a hurry to answer the question, by taking the "Relax" approach, I was able to actually "Relax" and give up trying to figure it out on my own. I could let the answers come and not be in a hurry. I could be accepting of the answers because I am under God's umbrella, as is every thing and every person in my life.

Real Gurls, it is time that we let go and what we are holding onto so tightly and roll with God's plan. I am going to continue to challenge myself with the question:

What are you doing today to make this year different?  

What are you doing today?