Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sore Spot? Everybody's Got One -Day 12

It is tough to admit when you face a loss, a failure, defeat...Most of us cannot bring ourselves to admit we even have a problem. It feels too close to our sore spot. The spot that appeared unnoticed until that sudden knife-like pain hits us unexpectedly and makes us react with a vengeance, wondering where in the heck did that crazy reaction come from?

I am hoping you understand me here, because, gosh, I hate to be out here on my own with this stuff.

I am going to admit to you that today, someone hit my sore spot. My reaction wasn't vengeance, unless you count crying over half the day as such.

Sore spot? Everybody's got one.

As I was writing of the glories of answered prayers yesterday, today held different answers. Or, to be precise, the answers from yesterday were changed. I felt deflated. I felt it in my sore spot. The brooding and the endless questioning began. Unfortunately, I had no plans today so I had time to entertain those two knuckleheads: Brooding and Questions.

As I reflected on the joy I felt when things were going my way, (actually mourned is a better word), I remembered something from church on Sunday. Our pastor's wife talked about when the answer doesn't come, how we need to trust God. He has something bigger and better than we could ever plan. In fact, she said, we could even go around shouting, "Yay, I have a problem!" because we know the outcome will be better than the problem.

Still, there's that sore spot to deal with.

During the sermon about God being "over all" I began to think about the people and things in my life that needed an answer. I could picture all of those things under His wings. I felt like God wanted me to RELAX  with every answer, good or bad, and just say, Yay, I have a problem!

Okay, so maybe the sore spot isn't hurting quite so bad right now.

I put my sons, my health, my finances, and this group ALL under HIS wings. I can relax into the acceptance of how things are and move forward, knowing His answer is bigger and better than my problem. It's really such a relief to let go. I don't have to figure it out. God's working on it.

What's YOUR sore spot?

What are you doing today to make this year different? I don't want to zone-out. I want to zoom-in.

I don't want to fight for the couch. I want to fight for my life.

What are YOU doing today?