Thursday, January 7, 2016

Control Status: Mercy - Day 7 of My New Year

It feels like nothing of any substance happened today and I am wondering what should I write about. So let me start by telling you about my day:

First, I am at the end of two weeks dog-sitting. That means for the past 14 days I have had three pups with completely different temperaments trying to share the same bowls, yard, and lap. In a way I have enjoyed the doggie daycare. It was fun watching them bounce through the white snow and learn to wrassle and get along with each other. Three dogs is different from two, and it was interesting and fun. Still, it's more than I am used to regularly handling.

We also had our regular, weekly visit from my roommate's son, who is three years old. He stays for two days and sleeps over. He is a great kid and I love him to pieces. I enjoy his sweet ways and fun spirit and there is always something going on. Spiderman, snack, play-doh, Hot Wheels, puzzles and games: he is full of constant action.

Again, more moving pieces than I am used to and I find I am grappling with...oh, dear...control.

There. I said it. CONTROL.

That very ugly word.

Yep. I like to control things. I like my day to go a certain way. I have certain expectations on the timing of meals, waking up, and cleaning and I certainly don't stop expecting control where three dogs and a three-year-old are concerned.

Sitting here at 6:40 p.m. to write my blog, which is very off-schedule for me, I am feeling the price of resisting the forces all day. Yes, my body aches but even more so, my mind. My mind feels like it has run a marathon!

It can be a battle of wills to get through some days. So I asked myself the familiar daily question:

What are you doing today to make this year different?

Today I have no optimistic saying or extra-smart advice to pass on. Today my answer is simply: I made it through. I managed self-control throughout the day. I remained kind and caring. I did no harm. That's really the best I could do today. It took everything I had.

I don't know about you but it's these kinds of days where loved ones comfort us by reminding us that tomorrow is a another day. We can try again tomorrow. I may not have changed the world today but I have another chance tomorrow. So I am going to bed tonight relishing the thought of a fresh start as the memory of a crazy day gradually slips through the fingers of my mind.

Yes, every day is fresh start.

His mercies ARE new...every. single. day.