Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fight for the Couch - Day 6 of My New Year

Two days in a row I have started my day without first stopping to read, pray and journal! It is a rut that has deep grooves. It will take more effort to change the path to the kitchen, first thing in the morning!

But it does cause me to pause and think. We do what we get accustomed to; we set a pattern, a rut, a rhythm to our own lives; a comfort zone, if you will. Yep, we run back to our comfort zone the minute we hit a spot of pain, anxiety, or even a hurry-up, morning moment.

A lady I used to know would say, "I'm in a rut. I like my rut. I'm staying right here."

Of course, she was saying it jokingly and in fact, was one of the hardest workers I knew. But it says a lot about most of us. We get so comfortable in our ZONE that we accept it. Do you have a favorite place to sit when watching the football game? Or reading? Or holding your baby?

Our family had a very comfy couch for sleeping and we were always arguing over who got it first. But when that couch became worn and the springs weren't so bouncy....guess what?

It was time for a CHANGE!

Yes, that comfort zone of ours is deceiving. You can stay there long enough and the worn and broken springs don't get noticed anymore. Everyone is arguing over who gets the couch that is worn out and broken.  Funny....It will keep you longer than you meant to stay and possibly cost you more than you wanted to pay.

I have shown in the past two mornings that I am still stuck in my old ways and need to work more at changing the morning pattern. I want to be able to answer the question:

What are you doing today to make this year different?

I don't want to zone-out. I want to zoom-in.

I don't want to fight for the couch. I want to fight for my life.

What are YOU doing today?