Thursday, December 12, 2013

Merry Christmas and Ha Ha Ha!

      Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  The actual day is pretty great with family and food and surprises, but I think I enjoy the lead up more.  There is more smiles and more laughter.  I really enjoy the Christmas music that has been a part of my life for so many years.   It brings so many warm memories to mind.  I like saying Merry Christmas too.  It just seems so warm and good.  People respond in different ways to my cheer and that's just seems that (most) people are much nicer, friendlier, cheerful at this time of year....or maybe it's just the Christmas glasses I wear.

     Whatever the case, this year the lead up has been like a roller coaster and I find my emotions all over the place.  Grateful for a place to live, a warm bed, good friends and yet just as quickly beset by runaway dogs, broken dreams, harsh words.

      As I sit here trying to reconcile with the good and the bad, I come back to the reason for the season.  Jesus did not come to a perfect world.  I bet if we were given the task to come save the world, we would have taken one look and said no thanks.

     In spite of all of the cold shoulders, harsh words, homeless kids, broken families, and criminal acts, God saw each one of us.

     So just for today....this minute....I am going to put aside the requirement to be cheerful or the need for the right song to be playing and realize that God is with us, among the litter of lives as much, if not more, than the glitter of our lives.  He is among us whether we acknowledge it or not, and that makes me feel pretty special.

May the glow of the candle that brightens your face,
Give hope to someone who is running a race.
         Be kind and gracious for it could be you,
         Who needed some kindness and understanding too.
                    You may be having a jolly good time and have nary a need.
                    So give some love to someone else and God will bless your deed.
Then your heart will be full and overflowing, such a mystery.
Your joy will burst forth with HaHaHas for everyone to see!