At Real Gurl Life it is our goal to provide opportunities for women of all ages to learn tools for overcoming life struggles; to improve self-esteem; and to believe change is possible. Our method for implementing and guiding those who are in need will be through the offering of life-change groups, faith-based learning, and providing tools for overcoming life's ups and downs. We will work towards restoration of hope and mastery of the skills required to become the authentically imperfect woman that God intended them to be and to be able to live a life of passion for helping others. 

The best way to find our way is to share life together. By gathering together for a meal, a game, a time of sharing, we can help carry and lift each other up during difficult times. It is often that others will say, "me too," because they have felt the same way or had the same experience.

Don't hang back because you don't know anyone. You do know us all. We have all had a broken heart, a burnt meal, an unbalanced checkbook. Come on and join in and make yourself at home. You will find that you have lots of friends here. 

A Little Bit About Me 
I am a hope-filled mentor, writer, speaker, and friend. I believe in sharing my life, authentically imperfect, with others. I believe that doing so makes me stronger as I realize that others fall short, celebrate, cry, scream, and love just like me! We all have stuff.

It has truly my joy to serve as a facilitator and mentor for women's life change groups. Having experienced feeling "stuck" in life and going through a life change process myself, I feel called to help other women get un-stuck. As I have served in the role as a facilitator, I realized how much I love helping other women find their worth and confidence!

As for education, I have attended a local community college and pursued learning psychology. I stopped just a couple classes short of my A.A. degree.  I also learned and share a lot from The Genesis Process by Michael Dye. I will admit that there is a great amount of learning from the "school of life" too.

Parenting also brings with it a special batch of experiences. I am the proud mother of three successful grown-ups and grandmother to two beautiful children who I call Grandgurl and Grandboy. We loads of love and fun and some of those experiences have also taught me life-lessons that I can share with others.

Some of my favorite things are: being true-faced, squirrels, pink tulips, Disneyland and sudoku puzzles. My current, favorite thing is being call Gaga by the most precious Grandgurl and Grandboy of all!

Some of my favorite writers are Joel Osteen, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Brene Brown. These folks have assisted me in finding my way. There always seems to be a scripture, a song, a poem, or a story that finds its way into any situation and brings encouragement.

My passion is to realize when I have made a difference in just one life; to help someone become un-stuck from the brokenness of a past that binds them; to see the freedom on their face.

Please feel free to contact me via any of the social media forums or use the mailbox or phone information all located within this website. I love hearing from you!

From a broken life to a new beginning! Lauren Woodbrook, Founder.
This was our very first meeting and I was so excited I could not
keep my thoughts straight!