Thursday, January 28, 2016

Voices in My Head - Talking to Myself

Recently I was reading an article about conversations we have with other people. It gave some  clinical rules of the road for social conversations. It was a bit heavy-handed and included a bunch of research and obviously sought to help others. Now, I don't want to short-change science and I am the first to admit that I have not a scientific bone in my body. I know that how we speak with others is important. Our tone, our word choice, everything comes together to create the sum of communication.

In my line of very unscientific heart-thinking, I am often brought to a place to consider the conversations we hold with ourselves. It is interesting to me how we can change our lives if we will change the conversations we have in our own head! I'm not making this up. I have lived this out and can tell you for certain that it works.  It is a shame that we are more careful about how we speak to strangers than we are when we comment, criticize, and berate ourselves.

Listen to me:  This is important! We must get control of our thoughts. What we say to ourselves is either going to build us up or tear us down. There is no getting around it. It is the law of the land: what we plant, we sow. Go ahead and plant negativity in your mind field. Don't be surprised if that is all you hear. I'm dumb. I'm fat. I have no friends. No change is coming. It will not work. Why am I even trying?

Then you know what happens? Those awful, terrible three words take over.
It has ALWAYS been this way.
It will NEVER be any different.
I don't believe it can EVER change.

Those three little words just brought finality to  the fault-finding voice in our head. Now I am not only dumb but I will always be dumb. I will never not be dumb. I can never, ever change being dumb.

The criticisms in your head become statements of fact and doom for life. They become them a permanent tape running in our head and it gets into the very fiber of our being. And all of sudden, without warning, depression and loneliness step in. We have definitely lost ourselves on our way to who we were made to be.

Our inner voice is powerful. What a difference when we are loving and kind to ourselves. How awesome to realize that God, Himself, made us. How important it is to listen for the Voice of Truth!

I AM capable.
It IS possible.
I CAN do it.
It COULD happen.
My good friend, Sue, once said to me: "If you are going to talk to yourself, then tell yourself something good!" This is great advice!
Again, I can tell you for certain that taking control over that voice is one of the most important steps to being all that God made you to be. It is worth all of the effort to correct the negative comments and replace them with words of Truth which will always bring comfort, possibility and encouragement. The Voice of Truth will not condemn. God made you and He is FOR you.

Listen for the Voice of Truth!
Day 28 - What are you doing today to make this year different?
What are YOU doing?