Monday, January 4, 2016

This. One. Day. (Day 4)

Today I am stressing continuity. Just the simple act of sitting down and following my new morning ritual is changing me. I read, I pray, I journal, I restate the question to start the day:

"What am I doing today so that this year will be different?"

I will ask myself this several times throughout the day. Each time I think of it, each time I start to doubt, each time fear or sadness tries to creep in, I will challenge myself to answer yet again:

"What am I doing right now, this minute, and how is it moving me forward?"

It helps me to make sure I am staying on target; that I am walking and talking in ways that will bring about the change I seek and the person that I so desire to become. Just for today.

So many times I have gotten hung up on the entire 365 days at once. You know, hurry up, let's get there, let's get done, now. This only serves to overwhelm and stunt our forward motion. I am looking at THIS ONE DAY. Only. After all, haven't you heard that life is a process? Let me tell you then:

LIFE IS A PROCESS. Steps. Time. Setbacks. Startovers. It's all included.

I want to shed the past. I want it gone. So I have got to do something different. The past is going backwards. It should be in the rearview mirror and I must face forward to get to the destination. I must do this one day, one minute, or one breath at a time, if necessary. I want to meet with my friend next year on New Year's Day and have a different story to tell.

Come along with me. What are YOU doing different? Just for today, think about that. It's a game-changer.