Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just a Little Tip from a Former Kickball Captain

Hi Friends,

As life moves along, changes come naturally.  We start seeing light colored hairs on our head and little crinkles along the eyes that we pleasantly call "laugh lines."  Aging is a gradual change or shifting of life.  I am glad we don't face all of the aging factors at the same time because it would be too much to handle all at once.  Dealing with memory loss in increments is much appreciated at my house! I never remember....anything!

So this past week I voluntarily pushed an age button and created a shift in my life.  As I considered the advantages and disadvantages of having surgery, there was one that entered my mind and I said it without thinking...."How much do ovaries weigh?"

My daughter and I were sent into gales of laughter.  Since I have been trying to lose weight my entire life (it feels like), I was counting up the potential weight loss that might occur due to to surgery.  This conversation got funnier and funnier, but I think I might be pushing the boundaries for some readers so I will not repeat more.  Suffice it to say that we are talking about something the size and weight of an almond.  Not much weight loss to be had.  Phooey! 

Since the surgery, I feel really great.  I am still tired and have to be careful but I can tell it was a needed procedure and that my feeling of health will be much improved upon recovery.  As I pondered again any opportunity for weight loss, it flickered through my mind:  "I could do like all those other women with crazy stories do....go on Dr. Phil and ask for help!"   (Mom!  I am just kidding!)

Of course, I am just kidding but you know the ones...They have lost 253 lbs. and he grants them a tummy tuck?  And us chubbies kinda think, hmmm, wonder how I would look?  I wanna do that!  Well, that was sorta what I was thinking as I plotted my next weight loss attempt upon recovery. 

But as I jokingly said I would call Dr. Phil, a little voice whispered in my ear: 

"Why didn't you ask Me?"

My gales of laughter fell to silence.  I quickly realized that I had not asked God for any help with my weight loss.  I quickly repented and immediately and earnestly began asking for His care and His help.  I knew He was the One.  He who is over all things wanted me to ask Him to help me. 

Now I played alot of kickball as a young girl and was chosen captain on many occasions.  The captains always take turn choosing team members and I am no dummy.  I know that to win, you pick the best player first!

I had not chosen my team wisely.  But I have seen the wonders that God can perform and I want God on my team for everything.  Who wouldn't want The Champion on their side?  The star player?  The guaranteed winner?  The One with an army of angels?

As I turned this area over to God, I felt sweet relief as He bore the burden with me.   It seemed so obvious and I was embarrassed that I had not asked Him before.  Since the surgery, I am on the precipice of a huge change.  I feel energy building and a joy unspeakable.   What is it?  I don't know.  But God has told me it will be something like I have never seen before.

When we put our problems AND dreams in God's hands, EVERYTHING  is possible!  I like Dr. Phil, but I choose The Champion on my side!  As the captains of our team, we can choose Him!  He is there, waiting patiently in line.  He is just waiting to be asked....

Dear God:  You have been moving so fast in my life lately I can barely keep up.  I thank You for caring about even the smallest of concerns.  I know it was You who sent the lady up to me in the grocery store today, when I was feeling yucky, sweaty, no makeup.....She asked me if she could know how old I was because I looked so lovely.  I know that was You encouraging me when I felt tired and weak.  Please forgive me for not asking You to be on my team.  I want You with me wherever I go, whatever I do.  You are The Champion.  And I am blessed to call You Friend.  ~ A Real Gurl