Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stick to Your Guns

I have no idea where the phrase, "stick to your guns" originated from, but it's easy to guess at its meaning.  For me, I think it means that even when you question or doubt your decision, to keep standing, or holding the line.

Now that I think about it some more, I think in the movie "A Few Good Men" they talk about putting sticky stuff on their hands so that they won't drop their rifles when their hands get sweaty, causing them to lose their grip.  So maybe that is the "stick" part.

Stick to your guns doesn't sound like any movement forward or backward is required.  Just hold on.  Hold on tight.  Hold the line.  Don't budge.  Just maintain the progress that has been made.  Don't give up any ground.

I have experienced so many important decisions in a short amount of time recently, that as I sit here in the quiet of the evening, I am questioning myself.  Of course, when I am tired and a little bit hungry isn't exactly the best time to consider changing course.  I have to trust that the decisions that I have made.  After all, they were made with a sound mind and heart and with great consideration.  Now isn't the time to monkey with the settings but to let it all settle and allow for all of the decisions to calibrate. 

Life is a dance.  It's fast.  It's slow.  I forget the steps.  I haven't had dance classes so I am learning as I go.  But the music is good and the words uplifting.  The company is kind and the evening is cooled by a light breeze.  There is a sweet aroma to my life that I haven't experienced.....ever. 

I must learn that I don't always have to be doing something.  I can be resting and at peace.  God doesn't need my help.  He's got it covered.  God told me that if I would be obedient that He has good things for me.  I will just stick to my guns.

Dear God,  As I started writing tonight I was allowing feelings to take over what I know to be true.  Those sneaky thoughts were creeping into my mind and creating doubt about decisions that were made with much thought and with a promise from You!  Thank you for letting me sort through it and patiently waiting for me to come back, full circle, to Your warm embrace.  I will wait on You.  I love You, God.  ~ A Real Girl