Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plan for Success...It Won't Happen By Itself!

So for the umpteenth time I have started a food program that I KNOW works if I would just work!  I am only two days into it but I see a few things that are already helping me succeed.  It seems that the old adage that you must plan for success is true.

This food plan is so easy that anyone can follow it, anytime, anywhere.  It is meant to be ultra convenient with 5 packaged meals a day and 1 lean and green meal.  In the past, I didn't pay much attention to the foods and of course, feeling dissatisfied, well, it's easy to jump back to old habits and comfort foods.

THIS TIME, I made a special shopping trip to organize and plan.  Instead of banking on a salad with grilled chicken as the daily lunch option, I chose small packages with two servings each of pork loin, steak and chicken breast.  I found broccoli florets on sale and also got some asparagus and several cans of green beans.

I received a George Forman grill (small one) and had not yet used it.  This weekend, with help from a coupon from my daughter, I also purchased a small griddle that I won't mind using, cleaning up or leaving out!

See, being single and cooking for one, it never felt worth the effort to "cook".  I also dislike a huge mess to clean up when it is just for me, so I just wouldn't bother.  But now, I am all set.

Today I had a pancake from my small griddle for breakfast, a yummy fruit n nut bar for snack, grilled a small steak on my Forman grill with green beans spritzed lightly with a little ICBINB (I can't believe it's not butter), pretzels and a soda for snack, another bar for dinner and a delicious brownie for snack!  That sounds good, uh?

So as I write this, I have completed Day 2.  Honestly, I have sworn to do this right so many times that I wonder why my family and friends don't just ROLL their eyes when I say I am trying again.  But this time, there is a plan.

And not only a food plan, but a life plan as described in my last post.  I am actively choosing activities each day to fulfill my social, physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and I have added business to the list.

Really...if you are struggling with something in your life, get together with a friend and speak honestly about what you are going through.  Ask for help!  Put together a plan to approach whatever is nagging you.  I will help you if you ask.  I would be happy to share what is inspiring me.  I am not perfect, but with the grace of God, I am trying.

If you wait for it to come, it never will.  How many times have you said:

"After the new year"
"When company leaves"
"I will when the weather changes"

Get busy living.  Feel better about yourself.  Be more useful to others.  Smile more often.  Share your life with others.  Unite with your family members.

Remember, if you don't have a dream, you can't have a dream come true!

Dear God:  Once again I am humbled how you provide for my needs.  Thank you for sending a friend the very day I was in need.  Her encouragement and instruction was inspiring and life changing.  Thank you for the newness that only You can give a bruised and wounded heart such as mine.  I choose to live a life worthy to be called one of Yours.  With Your help, Laura