Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do You Need a Super Hero?

Today at lunch I was reviewing a sort of history of my life.  And while there have been many trips, slips and falls, (some of them quite literally), I was reminded of all the times that God showed me He was there, with me.  And He comforted me.

He was there when the size small sweatshirt miraculously fit my girth when I was cold and alone; He was there when I saw the sign in an unexpected place that said "God Loves You"; the inexplicable way that I knew His presence was with me on that drive from Medford to Sunriver and I found self-forgiveness for the first time; the time I knew He answered my prayer, not because it was what I prayed for but because it was what I hadn't prayed for and it healed my hurt; the moment I first knelt in my corner at Meadowood Church and gave my heart to Him.

We are human.  To make it more personal, I am human.  Mistakes abound.  Sins occur.  Hiding in a blanket of sorrow and shame has its place. 

I need a Super Hero.  A Champion.

Friends, whatever cross you carry, no matter how heavy the load, You Have a Friend.  Your own personal Super Hero.  Your Champion.

From the beginning of your life to the end, He is there!  The only Friend on whose name you can call and He always answers.  You don't get put on hold, or asked to wait until the tv show is over, or asked to make an appointment...

If you need a Guardian Angel; He answers "I AM."
If you need a Warrior; He answers "I AM."
If you need Someone to dry your tears; He says "I AM."
If you need a Healer; He says "I AM."
If you need an Employer; He says "I AM."
If you need a Song in your heart;  He says "I AM."
If you need Someone to hold your hand;  He says "I AM."

He is there from your beginning to your end.  Always.

There is no problem so big, God cannot solve it.  There is no wound so great He cannot heal it.  There is no sorrow so big that He cannot soothe it.

I have been listening to a song called, "People Get Ready."  My mom tells me it is an oldie but it is new to me.  It says:

"People get ready, there's a train a coming.
Don't need no baggage, just get on board.
If you have a little faith, you can hear the diesel humming.
Don't need no ticket, you just thank the Lord."

I have been so touched and moved by the words that I don't need any baggage.  So throw down those suitcases of guilt, depression, resentment, sorrow, regret!  And I don't need a ticket.  It's free!  Just THANK THE LORD! 

Just like when you go to your mom's house and she makes that yummy dinner.  No charge.  She's just thrilled to see you.  Just say thank you!

His love is a gift and it doesn't cost a thing.  Just say Thank You.  No need for baggage.  So throw it out.  And don't forget to thank your Super Hero.

Dear God,
Thank you for today...for the walk down memory lane; for the reminder of all the times You have been there for me.  I have never known a Friend like You.  I want to be thankful and share my Friend with others.  You are my Super Hero, my Best Friend, my Champion.  You always believe in me.  You are the reason I am told I have Hope in my face.  You want the best for me.  You are working ALL things for my good.  I wholeheartedly put my trust in You.  Amen.  ~Laura