Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Change-It's Uncomfortable

Anyone doing personal inventory or soul-searching in life usually finds that change is necessary.  But it is never comfortable.  In fact, it makes me sqwirmy.

When I start something new, it is awkward.  My schedule gets changed, the routine of it all, and it is easier to fall back into the old than to struggle into the new.  Frustrations arise and it takes so much more energy.

Well, Tom Hanks had it right when he said in one of his movies, "If it was easy, everyone would do it.  It's the hard that makes it great."

Day 3 was completed on my new-ME plan and I have begun Day 4.  I am finding the new routine to already become just that....Routine.  By keeping a food journal each day, I also realize that I had two servings of fat yesterday that weren't allowed with the meat choice.  But still, all in all, change is coming!

I like routine alot.  So much so, that a meal plan works best if I have my certain favorites ready and it is easy to prepare and clean up.  Also, I enjoy the preparation of the lean and green meal.  Cutting up the veggies for the salad and setting the table for me.....the routine is comforting and familiar. 

If you are embracing a life change of some sort, I would make a list (in my case a food tracking list) and hold yourself accountable to that.  Walk the line and hold tight to it, especially in the early days, so you can build that new routine and make the change you long for!  It's only uncomfortable for a while.

I am already feeling like I am on a high from eating right.  My daughter mentioned that I sound so happy and bubbly and full of energy.  Sometimes so much so that I can't sleep easily.  And it's not from drugs or any kind of mood enhancer.  It's just eating right!    I think I was actually drugging myself with the food I was eating.  My body is just reacting to getting the right fuel. 

So if you are looking to change something physical, or to change an attitude, your job, a relationship structure...Make that list.  Check it every day.  The list should be achievable actions that will make forward progress toward your goal.  Ask yourself how does each action listed bring you closer to your desired place.

"One must be kind to oneself when learning something new."

Get started today!  Embrace being uncomfortable.  Try something new.  You can do it!

Dear God, You see the struggle that weight has been for me.  You also know all the reasons for that and know my heart.  Please heal me from the inside out.  I want my outside to represent the inside and all that You have done for me.  Thank you for those who have asked for help.  Please help me see them through Your eyes.  ~Me