Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Good News

I have allowed myself to feel gloomy today and it was a big mistake.  Doing this is really just too self-indulgent while at the same time extremely self-destructive.  I almost let myself get over the edge with a full-out Boo Hoo Fest.

But then, I thought thru the friends I have, and what their advice has been over the times of my life.  One by one, each of their faces and words of wisdom came back to me.  Their confidence in me, their smile, and I weighed carefully each one.  And then I got to the one that really brought me back. 

What would Lindy say?

She would say, "remember the list of 5 areas of your life?  Remember to take care of each one so when you feel down the others are in order.  It makes the one not feel so bad."

And I say, "oh yeah.  I forgot about that."  It's only been since my last post!

But that is just how easy to get off track it is.  We must be vigilant in caring for ourselves.  It is not selfish.  It is necessary.  All the "Boo Hoo" in the world couldn't help my friends if they came to me in need.  I don't think it helps anyone but Kleenex!

You know, Friend, if we were building ourselves a home, we would choose the best that we could afford.  We would carefully select the wood, the floors, the carpet, the windows, even the nails and piping so as to make as sound a house as we could afford.

We should put that kind of thought into our lives.  What is the best you can do?  How can you take care of what God has blessed you with?

And on the contrary, if you were out in the rain and snow, would you tear boards off of your own house to build a fire and make you warm?  NO!  Well, sometimes we do just that, metaphorically.  The life choices we make can certainly "tear down" our "house."
Don't let that one moment in time, that one moment in the day, when you are overwhelmed, or tired, or hungry, or lonely, or bored.....ruin the "home" you live in.  Make your life a priority.  Make your choices with care and consideration, seeking advice and help when needed.

Today, I didn't even have to reach out to a friend.  I had my friends all in my heart and their love and acceptance overwhelmed me.

Now for The Good News:  On March 5, two weeks ago, I started Take Shape for Life, which is a lifestyle plan for weightloss and maintenance.  I had tried it before and I absolutely know it works.  It was always me that didn't work.

But I have dedicated myself to it and in 14 days lost 8.2 lbs!

Today's turmoil almost took me away from that success but Thank God for the reminder of my friends, who helped me overcome and turn the corner!

Don't let those little things mess you up.  As a country song considers:

"I run my life.  Or is it running me?"

Take control.  Be aware of the moods and feelings that take us even a step away from our goals and our true values and beliefs.  If I can do it, you can too!

Dear God, As always You accept me as I am.  Even when the mess is self-made You run immediately to my side.  I call out for a best friend and You are there saying, "I AM."  I call for a Counselor, and You are there saying, "I AM."  I call out for Someone to hear my cry and you are there saying, "I AM."  Thank you for perfect peace.  Peace that passes ALL understanding.  ~Me