Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Everyday we make choices about what to wear, what to eat, what appointments to make, friends to see and maintenance items on our home and vehicle.

Most of these choices take at least a moment to deliberate the solution and make an action plan.  Even the choice between tuna salad and turkey sandwich takes a slight pause for consideration.

So how come we don't pause in the morning to choose our emotional coat?  I daresay that most of us jump out of bed after 3 hits of the snooze and run like banshees with our heads cut off most of the day!

It's not until we are depleted of all energy, exhausted and running on empty that we start considering that we are not fueled up.

I challenge myself today to CHOOSE JOY as my emotional coat.  I want to expect that there will be ups and downs to life and prepare my mind each day to be JOYFUL in all of my circumstances.  I have had a PollyAnna mentality that no bad things should happen and when they do, I consider myself a failure or a bad person.  I now realize that it is life. 

God made us and knows we are full of imperfections.  It doesn't surprise Him, not one bit!  But I bet He wonders why we wait so long to call on His name and get refueled for what is in store each day.

That old hymn is so true:  Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

CHOOSE JOY!  It will lift your spirits and raise your productivity, your relationships, your outlook on life.

Hey.....It's your decision.  You get to choose.

Dear God, Thank you as always for another day.  You are indeed a friend closer than a brother and I can call on You anytime and anywhere.  I CHOOSE to commit to JOY each day as I become more aware of the appearance of my heart than the brand name of my outward clothes.  Amen.

ps  First week of food plan and I weighed in today.  Down 3 lbs!