Sunday, April 17, 2016

But I Just Want to Understand!

Sometimes we just want to know why. Sometimes it just isn't fair and we want to understand. I have been stuck in this place for far too long. I DO believe there is more to my story than yesterday's mess. I may never know all the whys. My heart may never again feel the love or hear the words I long to hear. But there is still ink in the pen and paper in the drawer. And I have faith that Someone very trustworthy is holding onto the precious memories for me and the answers that I cannot understand today on this earth. Here are some of the words from a song I was listening to just today. I hope it helps you to move on past the mess and into the message of your life. There is still ink in the pen!

I believe in the rest of the story.
I believe there's still ink in the pen.
I have wasted my very last day trying to change what happened way back when.
Until someday all that's crazy;
All that's unexplained;
Will fall into place.

And someday all that's hazy;
Through a clouded glass;
Will be clear at last.
Every puzzle's missing piece rests in the hands of Someone who holds you; for someday.

Someday by Nichole Nordeman