Thursday, July 16, 2020

Calling All Real Gurls

Calling all Real Gurls!

As you can see from the last post, it was October 2016 when I last posted. And so much has happened since then. 

I have been busy, busy, busy but so has God. My life has changed dramatically and so has my mind and my spirit. There was a good amount of stressful times but it all came around to God answering prayers that I truly wasn't sure I would see come to pass. 

This post is to tell all my friends to get ready for opportunities for friendship, either here online or at my home, or possibly other local places close to Gresham, Oregon 97080. My ideal plan is to occasionally have a time to cook dinner together, eat together, and then sit back and share what's happening in our lives. This would be nice to offer twice a month for two different groups. Also, I would like to offer 1 weekday morning each week, a Coffee & Courage Club. Come with your coffee of choice or I will have a pot ready. We will have some uplifting talk or a study and send you on your way! Additionally, perhaps a monthly outing or game night. You get the idea. Time to join in together, build friendships, support, and growth.

Suffice it to say that I have experienced heavy growth during the past nearly four years. It all started with a dvt and pulmonary embolism and I nearly died; two complete knee replacements and one led to a hematoma and I was in the hospital for two weeks; followed by a fundiplication surgery on an extra large hernia that caused my stomach to be pushed up into my chest. There were other odds and ends in the midst of all of this such as finding out I have a blood clotting disease, hereditary. But I am here and ready to get back to it!

Please feel free to call, email, text, facebook, instagram or tweet if you need a friend or have a question. I will be posting here on the home page on the right hand side any upcoming activities as they are scheduled. I will also be posting on Facebook but you can always count on the website to be true.

Love you all, and hope to see you soon,

Real Gurl Life🎕