Friday, October 14, 2016

About Stress

I saw this meme and it got my mind thinking about how badly stress took over my own life. I would like to add that undue stress challenges our even our most precious relationships, too. Stress is a destroyer and should not be underestimated. Many of us, when asked if we are stressed, blow it off like it is no big deal. We get all macho or act all strong and capable. Hear you me...Stress is an enemy of our desired lifestyles and can attack on many fronts - ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It doesn't wait until your are ready and it doesn't allow for do-overs. Stress marches on and leaves it's marks very obvious on our lives.

If someone happens to mention or notice your stress level to you, you might just stop and take a close look. It is worth the examination as it may cost you more than you ever thought. Don't be so smart that you are dumb. Don't be ashamed either. Seek help, and it doesn't always have to be professional.. Ask for advice from your spouse, colleague, mentor, doctor. Take time off or at least away from the routine so you can take an honest look. Get your spouse or friend on board to help. De-stressing in even small ways can add up to big wins!

One of the major stress reducers? Prayer or Meditation. True story.