Thursday, March 10, 2016

Real Gurl Life Clubs!

We are a women's group working towards putting Real Gurl Life Clubs (after school) in middle schools. Here are some of the details of how these clubs will work and the curriculum that is being developed.

These clubs are geared for girls 6-8th grades. The basic theme is strategic life-planning. We aim to teach young ladies to learn who they are, where they want to go in life, what's it going to take to get there, and what rules are needed to keep their life on track. We will assist them in developing strategies for facing the many tough situations that young girls face today.

Decisions made early will stick!
We will encourage planning decisions regarding their approach to education, health, friendship, ethics, safety and more. We will use journaling, role playing, guest speakers, and weekly challenges to encourage these young ladies to make choices that will lead them to the life they envision; a life that is entirely possible by virtue of their choices, attitude, standards, and work ethic.
It is our belief that youth who have pre-determined their own "rules for life" before they are faced with a bad situation are more likely to feel empowered to stand their ground and choose what will benefit their life plan.

It is part of the "dream" that these young ladies will know who they are BEFORE they are in the back seat of a car with a boy and to make sound decisions when faced with the knowledge of their friend's deep secret and are tempted to inform the entire eighth grade.  These are simple problems that can have long-lasting consequences and impact on our girls. We want to equip them with knowledge on how to make choices that will follow their life-plan and what to do if they need help or have problems facing down a particular issue.

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Currently we are working with two school districts to see how this program can fit into the current activities of their schools. We are open to public or private schools, church groups, girls' clubs, teams, or any place a group of girls gather! This can be an on-going meeting or a one-time engagement. There is no fee. Our group and our sponsors are helping us with this outreach.

Do YOU have a girls group that you would like us to visit? Would you like to start one? Let us know!!!
Questions or Interest? Contact Laura Holzbach at and you will be contacted shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!