Thursday, April 23, 2015

Furnishing Your Rut

Since we have already established that perfection is The Great Myth, and I myself declare this to be true, then we may as well own up to the fact that we sometimes fall into a steady pattern of self-defeat.  It may be by choice, because of someone else's choices, or it just may be our own darn fault.  Whatever the case, there are times in life when we fall into a very sad routine that seems impossible.  It feels good for a while but then....

The good news is…..It’s okay.  Everyone does it.  Fall, baby, fall.  Let go.  Sink into the comfort of...what is it?  Despair?

The important part is….DON’T STAY THERE!  Don’t get comfortable.  Don’t decorate and get your favorite blanket and popcorn (and Lord knows what else) and a stack of romance movies like you are burrowing in for the winter.  This is a trap.  It FEELS so good and actually comforting for a while but eventually it is suffocating and dries out your spirit and crackles your bones.  I repeat with emphasis: DON’T STAY THERE!

Here are some helpful hints to dig your way out that I have put into use on more than a thousand occasions!

1.  Listen to your self-talk and be determined to speak more kindly to yourself. Be the CEO of your life and take charge of those thoughts that treat you like a whipping post. I am not lonely, I am lovely. Get it?

2.  Find a friend that, if they can’t help or provide the answers you seek, they will listen with their whole heart until you are through spilling the entire mess. The best ones will do so without condemnation or unnecessary commentary.  It usually requires someone that actually accepts you for you but sometimes a stranger even works.

3.  Pick an inspirational poem, song, saying, scripture….anything that makes you “feel” something and repeat it, read it, and even shout it to yourself when you feel the urge to just burrow back down and tune out the world

4.  Give to someone else.  Yes!  Go outside of your comfort zone and help others.  It does not matter how big or small. Just give.  This is the Super Secret to getting out of a rut.  It changes your perspective like sunshine after the rain.  

Fall into the occasional rut. Cozy up in the den of forgetfulness for a time.  But for heavens’ sake, don’t furnish it!