Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Like You Have Amnesia

Many of you, like me, collect sayings, poems, prayers, and inspirations.  Of the hundreds in my collection, the one above is one of my absolute favorites and I wanted to share it today.

1.       We can all agree that life IS short.  It is flying by and there is no second act.

2.       So don’t hold back.  Give it ALL you got.  Take chances and try new things.

3.       Forgive like you have amnesia.  Simplified, forgive AND forget! Never to be remembered.

4.       Believe like a kid.  Wishing on a star, blowing a dandelion, double rainbows……BELIEVE with abandon.

5.       Love like crazy.  I mean, LIKE CRAZY!  Another favorite saying of mine…..Love Wins.  Every time.

6.       Be yourself.  100% authentic.  No carbon copies of someone else.  Genuinely you.

Run your race.  Just be you.  

Live, give, forgive, forget, believe, love and be.

“To be who you truly are you must forget who they told you to be.” -unknown