Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Real Gurl Goes to College: The First Day and the Third Week

The first day of college I was all wide-eyed and cautious.  Without one bit of surety did I think I belonged on campus.  I had been told by more than a few folks that I should go to college, that I was smart enough.  But it just never appealed to me.

I am in my third week now and I am throwing on my messenger back almost like a pro and I don't get lost in the wrong hall that looks just like the other one...at least not as often.  I have come to accept that parking takes a minimum of 30 minutes and that as the days go by there are fewer and fewer students in my classes.  It is also imperative that I dress accordingly with layers, because I am hot natured and at any moment may be burdened by being too warm.  

In my writing class, with the hip teacher who wants us to argue about politics and God, we actually had a girl come to the point of fists in the air ready to fight for her food stamps, welfare, unemployment and student aid.  The funny part was she was fighting someone on her own team, and a newly returned veteran from Afghanistan at that!

I find it amusing that after four writing classes, each with a different spin on the politics and God arguments suddenly became a discussion about art yesterday.  While the passion was still there for some, it was a much more palatable discussion and no fists were formed.  

Call me crazy but I am much more comfortable in this environment.

But this teacher is itching for a heated debate so I am sure we will get into it again.  It is the political season, after all.

More to come....