Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Real Gurl Goes to College: Writing 115 and a Little Something Extra

I am sure you are thinking that it's about time I had something good to report about my writing class.  I am here to oblige.

As I entered the class today, I was giddy with nerves.  I was turning in my very first collegiate writing paper and I was all wound up from anticipation.  Today, THE UNICORN paper was being handed over to Hippie-Boot-Political-Crass-Teacher Person.  I had no idea how my paper would be judged.

After all these days of non-combative confrontation, my only concern has been that it would somehow lead to a bias against my writing and thus a poor grade.  I have been trying so hard not to even appear argumentative but somehow I don't think I succeeded.

At any rate, she offered to give extra credit to those who would read their paper out loud to the class.  After a couple, two or three papers were read, I volunteered.  Hoping not to speed-read or run out of breath because of the nerves, I sat at the front of the class and confided my true story.

Imagine my surprise when at the end of my reading, not only did the class clap and say "that was awesome" but the teacher went out of her way to vocalize  and emphasize how really awesome she thought it was.  It seemed genuine which caught me off guard but I was appreciative all the same.  Hippie or not, she has had seven books published and so if even she can see some value in my writing, then I call that lagniappe, which is to say in french, " a little something extra".  I am still glowing from the review!

Writer's Note:  You can read the actual paper on the blog post entitled, The Unicorn Paper.