Monday, September 24, 2012

What Makes You Happy?

That was the question for my Life Group last night:  What makes you happy? 

In my excitement to attend this group for the first time, I actually got out paper and made a list of the things that make me happy to take to the meeting.  It wasn't really necessary to get so crazy about making a list as we casually went around the room sharing our happy thoughts, but it was a good exercise nonetheless.  It brought joy to my heart as I realized all the ways I am blessed in this life.

What makes me happy?

Seeing my children's name on caller id
Someone using the word gracious to describe me
Snuggling with a baby
A blue, blue sky
Watching the waves of the ocean with no where to be
Company of true friends
Watching college football
Encouraging someone
The Holidays
Farmer's Market
Sunshine on my shoulders and the wind in my hair
Singing in the car and at church
Road trips~short or long
Squirrels and sqwirls
Wearing a hoodie
Books that beg reading
Sitting on my brother's back porch with the family
Completing a final four bracket
A crackling fire
A song that makes me say, "oh, I love this song" like it is my only favorite
DVRs and IPODs
A good saying
The comfort of routine
Chips and salsa and playing cards
Snooping in my mom's kitchen cupboards because I can
A father who would give anything and did
Sitting around at Starbucks with my family and talking the day away
Pink tulips
Puppy dogs
Friends who know my every fault and love me anyway 
Second chances

I could go on but when I got to Second Chances, it made me stop.  This is really the crux of the matter.  Second Chances mean hope.  They give life.  Second chances renew our spirit.  It not only renews the one at fault, but renews the one who gives it. 

Second chances were not created by some highly educated writer or creative team at some marketing company.

Second chances were created by God and He alone gets the credit.  From the dawn of time His plan allowed for us to be human and yet forgiven; at fault yet still loved; unworthy but renewed.

Alot of things make me happy.  But yeah, second chances are  my favorite.