Monday, June 20, 2011

I Feel Better Already

I am realizing how easy it is to fall back if I am not diligent in my pursuit of growth.  It is always when we feel the best, we must be on the highest alert.

In my quest to live A Real Life, at times, I think I have learned a thing or two.  Yet, just when spirits rise that I am finally getting a handle on life, reality hits!  And I am thrown, no tossed, back a step or two.

It seems natural that we would do this.  We get happy, comfortable, maybe a little too giddy in our achievements.  I need to get quicker at realizing that the rise in self-confidence is leading to a fall.   Maybe then I can grab hold quicker in an effort to minimize the damage.

So to grab hold and minimize damages, here I am, back at writing, reading devotions, recommitting to the items that help direct and guide me forward.  It is reassuring that it doesn't take as long to find my footing, since I have learned where my strength actually comes from and I know the tools to get me there!

Rule #1:  Trust in God.
Rule #2:  See Rule #1.

Here are a few highlights of last week's devotions that I am re-reading today, in case they may help you too:

"Change comes from taking riskes, and the greatest risk is to be honest with yourself and others."  ~Rick Warren

"Insecurity always manifests itself as control."

"Secrets, and the fears that drive them, are areas that you don't trust God with."

"When you have a two-way communication with God, that's called relationship.  When you have one-way communication, that's called religion."

As I sit here alone with my thoughts, I realize that while I have experienced a two-way communication with God, and once I feel the slightest bit of confidence, I promptly changed course thinking, "okay, NOW I got this.  I can do it myself."  I got a little power-hungry.  Can you say CONTROL issues?

I am not meant to "do it by myself."  God is my Friend and Comforter, a very present help in time of trouble.  I am not required to face anything alone.  Quite the contrary, He said He would never leave us or forsake us!  I need to trust Him more, with EVERYTHING.  I cannot pick and choose but must trust all of it to Him.

There.  I feel better already!

Dear God, Thank You for still being there after I run off to handle it all by myself.  I admit that I am unable to handle life and its questions alone and that only with You can I become the Laura that You want me to be.  May I realize that you know every single secret of my heart and that you accept and love me anyway. Your continuous and forgiving love is like no other.  Your love is not based on any amount of expectation of me nor do You give it as a reward.  It just is.  I humbly and gratefully accept Your love and correction in my life.  May I come to respect the relationship and put away any appearance of religion.  Amen.