Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And the Tape Plays On....

Or perhaps I should say CD since no one knows what a tape is!  Anyway.....

Over the past few years I have been through alot of changes and growth.  It took a long time to find peace and to have joy but even more than that, to learn how and what it meant to forgive myself.

The past couple of weeks I have reached a level of joy that I never dared hope I would experience again!  Like I have said before, I always knew God could heal my heart and my mind, but I never thought I could feel this way again!  I feel great!

Then....I woke up yesterday morning and the tape was on autoplay....

"I am lonely."
"I don't have...."

"Wwwwaaaaaaait!  Hold it right there!"  Thankfully my headed quickly kicked in, even before I got my eyes open.

"What happened to all the joy and hope you've been talking about, Miss Cheerful?"

Gratefully, like waking up from a nightmare that seemed so real, my mind took over and began to right itself.  I am NOT that person anymore.  I am free from the burdens of sorrow and hopelesness.  I am joyful.  I am of valuable.  I do contribute.  I am deserving.  I am loved.

My heart was slow to follow.  I continued to feel the sting of that near defeat for the rest of the day, but I sure learned a valuable lesson.

Most of us A-personality and leadership types like to have some, uh, control, shall we say?  But I submit to you that if we are going to spend any time at all controlling anything, it should be our own mind.  (Forget about the neighbor who doesn't line the trash can and so the trash blows freely all over the street on pickup day.)

The thoughts that we let wander unchecked are like a computer virus running rampant, destroying everything good, important and of value and replacing it with sickness, wreckage and destruction.  It viciously attacks from within and attaches itself to everyone and everything connected to it.

"Choose your thoughts like you choose your clothes each morning."

Our thoughts and our attitudes are in our control.  We have a choice about how we react and how we treat others.  We also affect others with our behavior.

On Oprah's last show, she told about a sign that she has placed throughout the Harpo Network Facility.  It says, "Please be responsible for the energy you bring to this place."

So next time the tape, 8-track, CD, Ipod autostarts some nonsense in the tracks of your mind, take control, um leadership, and self-correct.  Don't react but rather CHOOSE your thoughts and behavior.

You will feel better and so will those around you!

Dear God,  Thank You for the changes and growth that You are bringing about in me.  Thank you for helping me to embrace my past and be joyful in my future.  Thank you for the hope that You have placed in my heart and the belief that You are always working all things for my good.  You are a wonderful Friend!  ~Me