Monday, April 18, 2011

Life Lessons ~ Apply to self as needed.

I really enjoyed the first of several leadership classes that I attended this weekend, presented by East Hill Church.  It was great to meet new people, learn new skills and to consider behavioral changes.  Not changes in others, but in me!

Isn't it funny how we quickly apply rules, lessons, slogans, devotions, scripture, to the other guy?  Boy, they sure need that!

Well, the only person that we can change is OURSELVES!

There were two sayings or slogans I heard on Saturday that challenged me.  Of course, on Sunday, I immediately failed to put them into practice.  The first one was:

"Think all you speak, but DON'T speak all you think."  I think this could easily apply to Facebook and Twitter too!  Some folks just can't temper what they have to say and realize that everything they have an opinion on is not meant for the masses.

I mean, think how egotistical it is to think that all of your Facebook friends really will strongly consider your beliefs, morals, or voting tendancies.

Of course, writing a blog could indicate the same ego.  However, I write this for myself, rather than for others.  If others are interested in reading, I accept that.  But this blog is for me to clear my head and heart.

The other saying was:  "I can't be right with God and wrong with people."

Now that is a powerful statement.  We can try with all of our might to live a life according to God's plan but if we have a relationship with strife, or we feel angry, frustrated or disappointed with others on a regular basis, I would beg you to consider where you stand with God.

I'm not saying that we don't slip up and fuss about the bad driver or the errant child or being late because of our spouse.  But if we don't feel the "ping" in our heart, that self-correction or "Jiminy Cricket" on your shoulder saying, "hey, that's enough, Missy" ......well, a heart-check is in order.

Again, as I say this, I am saying it to myself.  If it hits you in the heart, well that makes two of us!

I had such a great class and learned so much on Saturday.  And yet as quickly as Sunday came, I let my mouth overload my intentions.  No matter how right anyone can be, letting unkindness flow from our lips is not going to correct anything.

We are each and everyone responsible for what comes out of our mouths.  Words can wound, or words can heal.  The right words spoken at the right time are like honey to the bee.  I can't manage others, but I can manage myself.  And I want to do better.

Dear God,  You see the situation that I am speaking of and I trust that You will help me to know the right way to make the situation right and better.  I immediately felt the "ping" in my heart when the words flew, and the words were like feathers and quickly fell on those around, like a heavy blanket.  Thank you for the "check" in my spirit and I will continue to trust that the right approach to correct the situation will be found.  I do know that saying I am sorry is important to crossing the Forgiveness Bridge.  Help me to be brave and big enough to do so, and with the right spirit.  ~Me