Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Do You Have in Your Hand?

Today I am enjoying the "sweet spot" in life.  I may fall short in my explanation of the sweet spot, but here is my understanding of it.

When a batter has a special place on the bat that knocks it out of the park; or someone scratches your back and hits the itch right on; or you get your pillows plumped just perfectly to sleep comfortably.....The sweet spot.

For the moment, I am working from my home office.  I am employed by a company who lets me set my hours from home, about 10-20 weekly.  The other 4 jobs I have are commissioned based and I must set appointments and actually "sell" something to earn a check.

My home office has a 2nd story view of the library and park.  It is a great little room to work in and I enjoy being able to do so any time of the day or night.

But today....The Sweet Spot.  I have been working at my dining room table amidst all of the Christmas decorations, pretty lights, manger scene, snowmen and poinsettas.  Since 7:00 this morning, with my own cup of what is known by my children as "hot drink", I have been hard at work sitting in the sweetest spot of all.

Reminders of the season bring on the joy of Christmas and the giving spirit that seems to take over during this time of year.  I love the routine of the seasons.  They are a comfort to me.  And I intend to enjoy this love, to feed, to care, to call, to reach outside of my sweet spot and perhaps let a little sweet fall on someone else.

What do you have in your hand?  What could you do for others that would create sweetness in their life?  It could be as easy as a warm smile to your neighbor.  A caring note to your grandma.  Babysitting for an overworked single mom.  Give some sweetness and it's funny how it flows right back through you!

But maybe it's more about what do you have in your heart?

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin....with me.