Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Day, Another Decision

Another day, another decision.  Each morning it has to be made.  I realize now that the days that I don't make the decision or "think about it later" gets me into trouble.

So I am starting here this morning.  This is what was working.

1.  I have started (and stopped many times) a food plan that I have seen work wonders for LOTS of other people.  It is ME that doesn't work IT.  But when I was starting the day by blogging my feelings, even if irrelevant to the cause, it got my mind right.

2.  I also have added to that a journal at my computer desk, with the list of times and food choices for each meal just for that day.  In an effort to minimize the task of losing 75 lbs., looking at one meal at a time and conquering that one meal has been most rewarding.  I get to conquer one meal at a time!  That is not as difficult as wanting to lose 75 lbs. sounds.

Whatever is a continual battle in our lives, we can only conquer it one day at a time. 
Or one hour, one minute, or one meal, one bite.

Let's get going!

Dear God, You see the daily struggle that I fight and easily give in.  I need You and Your super-natural strength to keep my mind on the goal and to move forward each day, hour, minute and meal.  I know that this has been a thorn in my side for a reason and it has ruled my life and thoughts like a tyrant for too long.  I believe that I am supposed to become victorious.  This is not a dream just for others but it is possible for me too!  Amen.