Saturday, November 13, 2010

Advil PM and a Visit to the Chiropractor are Under Rated!'s been a dreadfully long month or so with my Sophie pup having health problems and being in pain.  We have both been awake many nights with her in pain and crying, yelping, biting herself.

Going to the vet is really no comfort as the visits cost money and there is no resolution.  Even the pain meds weren't relieving her!

Without going into the very long version of this, suffice it to say that yesterday morning the vet prescribed prednisone (only cost $9.47) and it is working!  Last night when we went to bed, Sophie took her meds and me, well, the title says it all.  I knocked myself out! 

You know, sometimes we need to take care of ourselves.  No, I am not advocating drugs but you have to know what I mean.  The need for sleep and comfort had to take priority.  When I woke up today, it was like I was loaded with sugar.  My energy was back!  I felt a skip in my step, I felt my brain working better and I had interest in what was going on around me.

Sleep is so important.  It is vital.  Nothing works its best without having rest.  So don't under rate the basic needs.  Get your sleep.