Monday, September 2, 2013

Real Gurl Goes Extreme!

Many of you have watched or at least heard about the television show, Extreme Weight Loss.  I recently watched an episode at the urging of my daughter and I was immediately hooked!

As I have followed each episode I have always felt encouraged and happy to see the person overcome and change their lives in a huge way.  They always seem to feel great and extremely happy when their final goal is reached.  I sit there and watch jealously as they stand before an audience of friends cheering them for their hard work and dedication and experience the cat calls and whistles at how great they look.

Jealously?  Absolutely.  Being at a healthy weight is a battle that I have waged since second grade.  I am happy for the Losers but so long to experience what they must be feeling.  I can only imagine the high.  The fight for a healthy weight has gone on so long and at this age, it is time to DO something rather than sit in the recliner and watch everyone else have the "good" life.  I want to FEEL good!

A few weeks ago, before watching the show, I began to take the dogs up to the middle school where there is a track and lots of field.  As they were zooming around the field and sniffing every, single dandelion, I began to walk the track.  I wanted the dogs to move along and get done so I could just go back home.  It was a slow, lazy walk around one time to get the dogs moving.  I enjoyed letting the dogs run free rather than be on a leash so I returned the following day.  It was pleasant weather with a light breeze and we stayed an walked a bit longer.  Not "exercise" mind you....I was just walking the dogs.

But as the days went by and we continued this routine, I found that I felt better and decided to weigh myself.  I had lost 10 lbs!  Just that small change had made such a difference.  I was inspired and so I started watching what I was eating.  Watching the Extreme Weight Loss show improved my attitude and I felt inspired to find a way.  And who doesn't LOVE Chris Powell?  He is so positive and supportive.

So I am really interested in change but not knowing a food plan that would work for me.  I am like most people and have tried every plan.  Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, ephedrine pills, Sugar Busters, Fasting, No Fat, No Carbs, Nothing White, but I drew the line at the Pork Rind diet.  I mean, really, that is just gross to consider!  I had some success following Take Shape for Life.  I really believe in the program and I watched so many people I know lose massive amounts and look great.  I heard many reports of better health, less medication and happier living.  But like everything else, it wasn't the diet that didn't was ME!

Watching Extreme Weight Loss, there is something super encouraging to see someone weighing in at 500 lbs.   They must want change badly to be willing to share with the whole world their obesity, fat rolls, and favorite death inducing meals and feel the pressure to succeed.  They are suffering with medical issues, bad skin, aches and pains, heavy breathing and then to see them emerge  looking like a model, all within 2 hours (including commercials), is just amazing.  They withstand every emotional and physical complication and exercise their butts off!  But we never see much about the meal plan they follow.  So I did some digging, or Googling rather.  And that is where I am today....

Today I am standing on the stage of my life.  I am not dying but I am on high blood pressure meds, have cholesterol and other nagging issues.  I stand before you , my friends, on the high dive, challenged to jump!  I am afraid of failing again.  I can either go back down the loooonnnnngggg ladder or I can hold my breath and Just Do It.  This the first day of "Carb Cycling" and I jumped in! 

Stay tuned...Miracles do happen....and I am ready for mine!