Friday, February 8, 2013

The Road to Affirmation

Self Affirmation by Laura Holzbach
~I may be alone but I am not lonely.
~I am not proclaiming Dr. Phil status but trying to do my best in a world suffering from a chronic case of PTSD.

~I am far from perfect and can provide numerous witnesses to attest to this.  It is futile to pursue perfection, as it does not exist anyway.

~I am not holy but I am forgiven with the most loving grace and mercy ever known.
~I am not crazy but I am squirrelly, which is to say that I am forgetful and easily confused, causing frustration.  And I get skittish sometimes.

~I am not hard.  On the contrary, I am sensitive, soft-hearted, kind, accepting and can only hope for the response in return.  Of course, imperfection can cause any of these traits to disappear on a moment’s notice creating a need for me to ask forgiveness.
~I have known loss in great magnitude and yet can still feel blessed beyond measure.

~My life, once broken by my own hand and shattered into a million pieces, is beginning to take shape.  It has taken a lot of pain and work but now the hand of God in all my life I see.

~Where nightmares and weeping were once frequent, unwelcomed visitors, I can now enjoy the pleasure of having dreams and the power to see them to fruition.
~The road ahead used to seem dark, scary and and I longed for it to end.  Now the signs are for a fulfilling future ahead.

~I am an encourager, an optimist, a possibilitarian.  I just can't help it.  And these traits have helped me through my darkest hours.  I give points, stars, hugs and smiles.  In my world there are prizes.  Even lollipops.  This is my joy.

~I believe in unconditional love.  In fact, that is the only kind of love I choose to believe in.  I will love you in spite of anything that separates us.
~And this is my favorite part about me:  If I love you, I love you always.  Love is not a faucet to be turned on and off at will, but a supernatural spring of healing emotion placed in us by God, who is Love himself.

~Because I am loved, I can love.